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Magdeburg, the capital of Saxony-Anhalt, can easily be reached by rail or by road. The closest international airports are Halle/Leipzig, Hannover (each less than two hours by train)  and, most likely for YOUR flights, Berlin Tegel (2 hrs) or Berlin Schoenefeld (2 1/2 hrs) by train.

The main venue of this confererence is the so-called Lukas-Klause by the Elbe River, not far from the university's  main campus which  again is situated close to the city centre and accessible by  public transport .

Magdeburg - arguably the centre of Continental Europe during the reign of Otho the Great - in the 19th century attracted British tourists mainly interested in its Prussian fortifications. The city boasts important sights such as the first, and highly historical, gothic Cathedral in Germany, the 'Kloster unser Lieben Frauen' with cloisters reputed to be the finest north of the Alps, the 'green Citadel' designed by the Austrian artist F. Hundertwasser, Germany's first publicly accessible gardens, called  Klosterbergegaerten, the Magdeburg Horseman (a guilded replica stands in front of the old town hall while the original is exhibited in the museum) and  is generally recovering from attempts to make it the westernmost European bastion of socialism. Magdeburg is of course well known for Otto von Guericke and his experiments on the vacuum (which were part not only of a learned argument in physics but also in theology at the time), his famous experiment with the two vacuous hemispheres that even sixteen horses could not pull apart which is occasionally repeated on the event of a city fair. Guericke was also Magdeburg's mayor during the time of the 30-Years War; today, he is the university's patron.

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